Just started by checking what is available about this topic in the Internet and found a great initiative called “no hate speech movement” (https://www.nohatespeechmovement.org/), which is “A youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online, to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and to develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in Internet governance processes.” Also available on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/No-Hate-Speech-Movement/118817804972465 and with their own hashtag #nohatechain

I think its so important to create ouer own and other’s awareness of hate in our daily conversations and to speak up whenever we hear people spreading hate. For some people it seems normal to use hateful expressions when they talk to friends or post something in social media and they have the impression that this does not harm anyone. This is absolutely wron in my point of view since it step by step leads to an erosion of our standards of social interaction. If it is normal in a certain group to say “I hate homosexuals”, “I hate Chinese”, “I hate supporters of another football team”, “I hate refugees…africans…black people” it prepares the ground for the next step which is physical action against those groups. In a group which agrees to hate another group and which gets used to the feeling that hating this group is normal, acceptable and reasonable there will not be much resistance if members of the group cross the next line of attacking members of that group.

Thats why it is so important to increase the awareness for hate-speech and speak up whenever we hear it and not accept this in our communities.